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The days are just like moments turned to hours.

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Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:California, United States of America
One part journalist, one part friend, and two parts wife. Add enthusiasm and intelligence. Mix with sarcasm. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve while hot.

I have been blessed with the trials, tribulations and celebrations that have educated me on life lessons. I can surely say without remorse that I am now more humble, appreciative and understanding. I have gained valuable lessons in humility, perseverance, patience, trust, and love.

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bagels, baking cookies, bcbg max azria, bread, broadway musicals, brownies, bruce campbell, cable news, cal state fullerton, cats, chalupas, cheerios, cnn, corsets, craig kilborn, craig/jon, crate and barrel, curling, dave & buster's, degrassi: the next generation, democrats, doctor who, downloading music, duane reade, ebay, ed helms, editing stories for publication, full metal panic, gay!phil, gel pens, generic soda, grammar, han solo, hand-drawn anime, harrison ford, harry potter, ikea, ikea hacking, independent movies, indiana jones, indie music, james spader, jessica mcclintock, journalism, jrock, justin/alex, kid nation, kirk/mccoy, konstantine, late night drive-thru visits, laying in someone's arms, lord of the flies, lost, m+m's, marketing, micromanaging everything, midnight phone calls, moda fabric, mountain dew, movies, msnbc, netflix, new york city, nordstrom rack, piano rock, piano solos, power rangers, pulling all-nighters, pumpkins, punk rock, purposefully vague livejournal interests, queer as folk, quilting, reading, red velvet cake, rose/doctor, rxbandits, sailor moon, sam raimi movies, satire, saved by the bell, secretary, sephora, sewing, sewing quilts, sexual innuendo, sheldon cooper, sheldon/penny, slash, sleeping, snarky news achors, something corporate, star trek, star wars, starfleet, strawberry margaritas, super trivia challenge, taco bell, tetris, the 1800th episode, the big bang theory, the city drive, the color red, the daily show, the first amendment, the offspring, the situation room, the starting line, toast armies, top ramen, torchwood, transformers, trying on formal dresses, tucker carlson, twizzlers, victoira's secret, watching anime with subtitles, watching the daily show, watching the news, wizards of waverly place, wolf blitzer, yahoo! towers
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